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Joining a meeting using your Browser

Last Updated: April 15, 2019 // 4:54 PM


BlueJeans Meetings supports the ability to join meetings directly from your Web Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera). Joining from the browser does not require the installation of a dedicated application and is great for first-time guests. For the best meeting experience, we recommend that Moderators and frequent participants download and install the 2.0 version of our Desktop App.

BlueJeans for Slack

Last Updated: April 11, 2019 // 9:58 AM

How BlueJeans integrates with Slack

With BlueJeans for Slack, users can launch a video meeting from any Slack Channel or even within direct messages. As with every BlueJeans meeting, additional participants can join from any supported endpoint, including computers, mobile devices, phones, and video room systems. Slack Administrators can add the BlueJeans integration for their company from the Slack App Directory by Clicking Here.

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