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Connecting to BlueJeans from Vidyo systems

Last Updated: July 19, 2017 // 10:50 AM

Blue Jeans customers can connect to a BlueJeans meeting by using VidyoDesktop or VidyoRoom system as long as there is a VidyoGateway available. The VidyoGateway device allows Vidyo's proprietary call signaling to be transcoded to a standard H.323 call. These are the steps to accomplish a successful call from Vidyo to BlueJeans:

  1. The VidyoGateway must be configured with an outbound service prefix that will route the call via H.323. Check with the VidyoGateway administrator to confirm how the VidyoGateway is configured.
  2. Next on the Vidyo endpoint a user will use the outbound service prefix followed by the BlueJeans IP address. Example dial string <outbound H.323 service prefix><> or 04199.48.152.152 (assuming the outbound H.323 service prefix configured is 04. Note that if VidyoGateway has a DEFAULT H.323 outbound service prefix configured, the Vidyo user can just dial the BlueJeans IP address to connect to BlueJeans.
  3. At this point the Vidyo endpoint will be connected to the BlueJeans meeting room IVR welcome screen. Vidyo users needs to use the Vidyo keypad (DTMF)  to enter in the appropriate BlueJeans Meeting ID and Participant passcode (if needed).
For more information on how to configure your VidyoGateway device you should contact your Vidyo support representative.