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Video Sharing

Last Updated: April 24, 2019 // 7:43 AM

Easier video sharing is now available in our new Desktop App 2.x. Click Here for more information.

Administrators enable the Video Share service (for the entire group) from the Admin portal. By default, all users will have the Video Sharing feature in their meetings.
To enable and use Video Sharing:
  1. In the meeting, click Share Screen in right-hand menu.
  2. Click Video Sharing, and select one of your previously-uploaded videos to share (note, you will need to have a BlueJeans account).
  3. If you need to share a new video, click to upload.
  • All participants are automatically muted, including the presenter.  When the video is paused, stopped or ends, participants are automatically un-muted.
  • To speak during the video, users may push the space bar on their keyboard to temporarily “un-mute” themselves and speak.  When they release the space bar, they will return to the muted state.
BlueJeans video sharing lets you upload video clips to your personal BlueJeans account and share them in real-time with meeting participants. Playback is synchronous across all meeting participants. There is no extra charge to use the video sharing feature.
  • Video Sharing is only available from the BlueJeans app on Mac or Windows. The feature is not currently available if using the Chrome or Firefox browser, or systems running a Linux Operating System.
    • For BlueJeans Events, Video Sharing is available for Google Chrome.
  • The majority of all video file types are supported including, WMV, MOV, MP4, AVI, MPEG, MPG, FLV, F4V, OGV, OGG and WEBM.  Files must not be locked with DRM or encrypted.
  • All videos are transcoded at 720p.
  • All participants see the video, including iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices that can connect to meetings.
  • If you are the only participant in a moderated meeting, you cannot play back a video. To test this feature on your own, please use a moderator-less meeting.
  • BlueJeans has set a soft storage limit of 50GB.  If you require more space than that, please let us know.
  • Maximum file size, that can be uploaded, will be based on the capabilities of your preferred browser (1.5GB to 2GB).
Please Note:
  • To receive Video Share, the computer needs to have a specific version of Flash installed.
  • We do not currently support sharing audio file formats (i.e., .wav files)
  • On playback of video during meeting the audio may be output to the audio device configured in your computers system preferences. This is due to Flash Player for the video being responsible to choose the audio out device and that is independent of Blues Jeans plugin. Best practice is to set your computer's audio out to the same device you set the BlueJeans plugin in to use unless you want the audio to go to a different device.