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BlueJeans URI direct connection dial string for Vidyo endpoints

Last Updated: April 15, 2019 // 4:45 PM
  1. First step is to configure the VidyoGateway with an outbound service prefix that will route call via H.323. Example:
    • Direction: To Legacy
    • Outbound Protocol: H.323
    • Secured H.235: Optional
    • Video Codec: H264/H263
    • Audio Codec: G722/G711
    • Resolution: HD or SD
  2. Next the Vidyo endpoint user the BlueJeans. Here are the dial strings that should be used assuming the outbound H.323 service prefix configured is 04 and the BlueJeans meeting room ID is 12345 for these examples:
    • <service prefix><>,12345 or 04199.48.152.152,12345,or
    •  <service prefix>12345@<> or 0412345@
    • Note: If VidyoGateway has a DEFAULT H.323 outbound service prefix configured, the Vidyo user can just dial the Blue Jeans IP address <>,12345 or 12345@
    • Please check with the Vidyo administrator to find out how the VidyoGateway is configured for outbound H.323 dialing.
  3. At this point the Vidyo endpoint will be connected to the BlueJeans meeting room with no need to enter in any Meeting ID information as it was contained in the dialing string.

For more information on how to connect to BlueJeans meeting rooms using this method with other endpoint devices please visit our Knowledge Base solutions for Video Devices Connecting to Blue Jeans Network