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Online Screen Sharing

Last Updated: January 3, 2018 // 3:22 PM

Screen share web pages, documents and more in your BlueJeans meeting! Follow the instructions below to learn about online screen sharing, or, watch our short training video.

To share your screen from the BlueJeans App:

  1. Click Share Screen in the right hand menu, then choose to share your Desktop (you could also share an uploaded video).
  2. We recommend sharing your entire screen…
  3. … If multiple monitors are connected, click Start Sharing from the one you wish to share from.
  4. … or share an open application only. Note:
    • Chrome or Firefox Browser (WebRTC) and Linux users will only have ability to share their entire desktop, not a specific application.
    • Some "slide show" issues have been seen when sharing only Powerpoint. If you'll be using "slide show," we recommend sharing your entire desktop.
    • Some enterprise security tools (e.g. AppLocker) will prevent windows users from sharing directly from a app. Will need to share entire screen, or, add the app exception into the security tool.
  5. You know screen sharing is engaged by the green "you are sharing ..." banner at the top of your browser. To stop sharing, click the red "stop sharing" bar:


You can also join the meeting in Screen Share only mode. Click here for instructions.

To share your screen from a Room System, connect your laptop to the room system, then press the content button on the room system's remote control. If you have problems sharing from a room system, click here for solutions.

Use Remote Desktop Control if you want another participant to drive the presentation. 


Use the floating widget, to see yourself (at the top) and others (at the bottom), while sharing. The widget will follow you to whatever page or document you are showing. Easy to access controls::

  1. Drag window to best location on the page
  2. Drag out to expand the size
  3. Hide the video panels
  4. Stop screen sharing
  5. Mute your camera
  6. Mute your microphone
  7. Shrink your self image to a picture-in-picture thumbnail, inside (upper right) of the participant video:

Notes on screen sharing:

  • When sharing a PowerPoint or any other content that has an embedded video, it is recommended to upload and play the video through our Video Share feature for the best quality.
  • Screen sharing access cannot be "locked" (i.e., if Susan is sharing her screen, and Bob starts sharing his content, Bob's screen will replace Susan's as the shared content everyone will see).
  • To send and receive content, an endpoint must have at least an average bandwidth of 384 Kbps and video resolution of 640x360. If your endpoint does not meet these requirements and attempts to send or receive Content, a banner will notify you of either insufficient bandwidth or resolution.
  • Google Chrome's WebRTC requires an extension to be installed in order to send Content. Note also that video sharing cannot be done from our Chrome WebRTC browser.
  • Content Share is supported from the BlueJeans app, Chrome WebRTC, Room Systems (H.323 & SIP), Microsoft Lync/Skype for business, iOS and Android apps
  • For operational instructions (including sharing) for an iOS mobile, click here and for Android, click here.
  • The video sharing functionality is accessible from the BlueJeans App (Mac OSX & PC) only.