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Schedule Meetings from your Google Calendar

Last Updated: April 16, 2019 // 9:54 PM

Note: A new BlueJeans Google Calendar add-on that works across browsers and mobile apps is now available! Click here to learn more.


BlueJeans for Google Chrome

Scheduling BlueJeans meetings has been made even easier with our Browser Extension for Google Chrome! The extension adds the BlueJeans Helper button to your browser window that enables you to start and schedule meetings with a single click. BlueJeans meetings can be created directly from your browser's toolbar or from your Google Calendar. To add the extension to your browser, follow the steps included below:

  1. Visit our Downloads page and install the Browser Extension for Google Chrome
    • Google Chrome Browser Extension: Use the link from the Downloads page to visit the Chrome Web Store and click the [Add to Chrome] button to install.
  2. Once the extension has been installed, click on the newly added BlueJeans Helper icon in your toolbar to login.
    • If your organization uses Single Sign-on to authentication with BlueJeans, then login with your Email Address to be redirected to your SSO Portal.
  3. After logging in, your extension is now fully installed and ready to use!


Extension Settings

The extension's Quick Menu can be accesed by clicking on the BlueJeans icon in your toolbar.

  1. Start Personal Meeting - Start a meeting using your account's Personal Meeting ID.
  2. Invite Via Google Calendar - Creates a new calendar event and automatically adds a BlueJeans Meeting ID.
  3. My Meetings - Opens your Scheduling Page from the web portal to view a list of your upcoming meetings.
  4. Extension Settings - View and Configure Extension Settings
  5. What's New - View the latest updates for the extension from our Community Portal.


Google Calendar Integration

The Browser Extension can integrate with your Google Calendar and enables you to add BlueJeans meetings to new or existing events as well as join them directly from your calendar.



  1. Click on an open slot on your calendar and press the [Add a BlueJeans meeting] button.
  2. A new event will be created with a BlueJeans meeting already included in the join details for your participants.
    • The type of BlueJeans Meeting ID used will be based on your extension's default Scheduling Profile and can be changed in Extension Settings.
  3. Input the event's details and press [Save] to finish scheduling the meeting.

Alternatively, clicking on the event details of any new or existing meeting will also contain the [Add a BlueJeans meeting] button in the Video Call section. Clicking on the button here will allow you to pick between adding your Personal Meeting or a One-time ID



To join a BlueJeans meeting from your calendar, click on the appointment slot or event details and press the [Join BlueJeans Meeting] button. This will automatically launch the BlueJeans App on your computer and connect you into the meeting.


Extension Settings & Configuration

The Extension Settings menu lets you change the default Scheduling Profile for meetings scheduled with the extension. The profile can be configured to use your static Personal Meeting ID (default) or One-Time Meeting IDs that expire once the meeting has concluded. In additon, you can remove Google Hangouts from the invite to avoid confusion and add a Participant Passcode to One-time IDs. To access Extension Settings, click on the BlueJeans icon in the toolbar and press the [Extension Settings] button.