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How to Schedule a BlueJeans Meeting in Google Calendar

Last Updated: April 16, 2019 // 10:25 PM

With the BlueJeans Google Calendar add-on, you can easily schedule and join BlueJeans meetings directly from Google Calendar.

Haven't installed the add-on yet? Click here for instructions.


Schedule a BlueJeans Meeting

  1. Open a new event in Google Calendar.
  2. Click Add Conferencing.
  3. Choose BlueJeans Meeting.

Note: When used for the first time the add-on will require you to log in. Once successfully logged in, you can use the add-on across all browsers and mobile applications. Login is supported only from browsers.

To log in to BlueJeans: 

  1. Click the Log in button located next to BlueJeans Meeting.

  1. Log in using your BlueJeans credentials.
  2. Click Allow to add a BlueJeans meeting to the event.

  1. The BlueJeans meeting will be added to the Google Calendar event.

Note: A one-time or personal meeting will be added, dependent on the default settings within your BlueJeans account.

Participants do not need to have the BlueJeans Google Calendar add-on to join the BlueJeans meeting.

Learn more at the following links: