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Schedule Meetings from your BlueJeans Account

Last Updated: January 23, 2018 // 8:22 AM

How to Schedule a new Meeting

To schedule a new meeting using the Web Scheduler, you'll want to first log into your account from the website. Navigate to your Meetings page and click Schedule Meeting to create a new scheduled meeting.

Scheduling Walkthrough:

  1. Enter a Title for your new Meeting.
  2. Add a Description to your Meeting. (Optional)
  3. Choose a Starting & Ending Time for your Meeting. User's outside of the set time zone will have their invitation times adjusted to match their local time zone.
  4. (Optional) Enable Repeat Meeting if the scheduled meeting will occur more than once. When enabled Repeat Meeting will allow you to configure the meeting to repeat Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.
  5. Input the email addresses of the participants to receive the email invitation.
  6. (Optional) Click on Advanced Options to review additional configuration choices.
    • A. Choose to use your My Meeting ID instead of a One-time ID for this scheduled meeting.
    • B. Add a Participant Passcode to the meeting. Participants will need the Meeting ID and Passcode to join this session.
    • C. Enforce Encryption for this meeting. Room Systems will need to enable AES encryption to join and Phones will be unable to join unless the exception is enabled.
    • D. Crop the Video to best fit the current video layout.
    • E. Allows the meeting to start without a Moderator.
    • F. Disables Group & Private Chat for the meeting.
    • G. Automatically mutes participant's microphones when they enter the meeting.
    • H. Disables the entry/exit sounds & banners when a participant enters or leaves the meeting.
    • I. Shows the names of all participants who have been invited on the email invitation.
  7. Click Schedule Meeting to create your new meeting!


Please Note:

  • You can also schedule BlueJeans meetings from Outlook for Windows, Office 365 (Mac & Windows), and Google Calendar using a Browser Extension. Meetings scheduled from these tools will only be editable from these platforms.
    • The BlueJeans iOS & Android App use the device's local calendar to populate meetings in the app.
  • All invited participants and the meeting creator will receive a calendar invitation email. At the time of the meeting, use the Join links in the invitation to attend the session.
  • After scheduling a meeting, it will be posted onto your BlueJeans account to view, edit, or join.
  • Interested in Delegate Scheduling? Click Here to learn more!