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Windows and GPO Configuration for BlueJeans Rooms

Last Updated: July 15, 2018 // 2:45 PM

Windows Configuration

During the setup process for BlueJeans Rooms, you'll be prompted to allow the installer to configure the system for the best experience as a BlueJeans Room PC.

After clicking on ALLOW, the following changes to Windows will be made:

  • Turns off all notifications from Windows Action Center
  • Turns off the Screen Saver
  • Automatically hides the Windows Taskbar
  • Adds a Windows Firewall entry for BlueJeans Rooms (huddle.exe)
  • Enables the automatic saving of application crash dumps
  • Sets active hours of the PC to 7:00 - 23:00. Windows updates will only happen outside of active hours.
  • Fixes issues with Display Settings when using dual screens.

Please Note: If you later decide to upgrade your BlueJeans Room from a single display to a dual screen setup, then please ensure that the Display Settings for Windows has zoom set to 100%. Setting this over 100% can cause overlap between the two screens.

GPO Configuration

If you're managing the computers for your BlueJeans Rooms using Group Policy, then please ensure that the following executables are allowed to run. Blocking one or more of these executables from running will cause issues.

  • Main Application: huddle.exe
    • Required to launch the BlueJeans Rooms experience.
  • Update Application: update.exe
    • Required to keep the BlueJeans Rooms application updated.
  • Audio Application: APS.exe
    • Required to establish audio between the Dolby Conference Phone and Computer.