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Remote Desktop Control

Last Updated: February 1, 2019 // 8:52 AM


The Remote Desktop Control (RDC) feature allows a user to remotely access and control another user's desktop from the BlueJeans App. During the RDC session, the controllee's desktop will be shared with all meeting participants. This enables various use-cases such as remote troubleshooting for Support Teams and allows remote presenters to drive a presentation.


NOTE: Enterprise Admins have the ability to enable or disable access to the RDC feature. This can be done at the group level through the Manage Features page or on a per-user level through the Manage Users page.


How to Remote Desktop Control with the BlueJeans App 2.x

The following steps will walkthrough how to request a Remote Desktop Control session using the 2.x version of the BlueJeans Desktop App.

  1. Click on a participant from the Roster to view additional options and select REQUEST DESKTOP CONTROL
  2. If the participant ACCEPTS the request, then you will have remote access to their desktop.
    • If the remote controllee isn't already sharing their screen, then screen share will also start.


  • The Controllee can interrupt or stop the RDC session at any time. Simply click anywhere on your screen to temporarily stop the Controller or click the STOP DESKTOP CONTROL button to end the RDC session.
  • Both participants must be using BlueJeans App 2.x to send or accept RDC requests.
  • Admin apps, such as Microsoft Registry Editor, are not supported in a RDC session.


Supported Key Commands

Review the chart below for all the supported commands available to the Controller during a RDC session and how they translate between different Operating Systems.

How Remote Desktop Control works on BlueJeans App 1.x

In the following example, John Smith (the "Controller") will take over controls of Bob Thomas's (the "Controllee") desktop:

  1. John clicks Bob's name, in the participant's panel, then clicks "Request Desktop Control"
  2. John would click the "Request Desktop control from Bob Thomas" mouse icon if Bob were already sharing his screen
  3. Bob receives a pop-up, explaining John is requesting control of Bob's desktop. Bob clicks the "Yes, Grant Control" blue button
  4. John now sees the green "You are now controlling Bob Thomas's desktop" banner at the top. John now has mouse control over Bob's entire desktop.
  5. John would click the red "Stop Desktop Control" bar at the bottom when he's finished, or ....
  6. ... Bob can also end John's control, by clicking the red "Stop Desktop Control" banner shown at the top.



  • BlueJeans App version 1.25+ on Windows or Mac is required to both initiate or accept RDC requests. RDC is not available if either party joins the meeting from the Chrome or Firefox browser, the mobile app, or BlueJeans App version 2.x.
  • At this time, we do not support controlling of admin apps (such as Microsoft Registry Editor), because it requires admin access for the BlueJeans app
  • RDC is not available if you have a telephone paired with your BlueJeans App 1.x connection.
    • If you are paired with a room system, then you can send RDC requests, but cannot receive them.