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Recording and Playback instructions

Last Updated: January 15, 2019 // 10:52 AM

This article details how to record your meeting and download the mp4 file for playback. Prefer video tutorial? Watch the Recording Training Video!

How to Start & Stop Recording:

  1. As a Moderator, click on the red recording button (near the bottom of the right-hand menu) to start recording.
    • All participants will see and hear the “Recording has started” notification.
    • The Meeting Recorder captures all audio, video, and content (Screen Share & Video Share) from the host’s perspective. Note: Chat is not recorded.
    • If Auto-Recording is enabled, then recording begins when the meeting starts. [this feature requires Enhanced Recording]
  2. While Recording is active, a blinking red icon will be visible in the top right-hand corner. Participants joining the call after the recording has started will see the "Recording in Progress" banner appear before they enter the meeting.
    • All Moderators will have access to recording controls. If one Moderator leaves the meeting, recording will continue until stopped by another Moderator or the meeting ends.
    • Meetings are recorded in 2-hour intervals, called Chapters. If a recording is longer than two hours, a new Chapter is created and recording will automatically resume.
  3. Moderators can click on the recording button again to Stop Recording. All participants will be notified that recording has been stopped. Each time recording is stopped, a new Chapter will be created and listed in chronological order for the recording's Playback.


Download & Share your Recordings:
When the meeting has concluded or recording is stopped, all Chapters will begin the rendering process. The time a recording takes to fully process will be based on the approximate length of the recording; an hour recording will typically take an hour to process. When the recording has been processed, the Meeting Organizer will receive an email from with a link to their Recordings page. See Enhanced vs. Basic Recording Playback Instructions.

  1. You'll receive an email alert that your recording is ready. Click the View link or click Recordings from your account.
  2. The Recordings Page will list all your recorded Meetings and Events.
  3. By default, your recordings will be sorted by Most Recent. Change to Oldest first if needed.
  4. Click the play button of the recording you wish to access.
  5. Start and pause the recording to view in this panel. Note, when screen share is shown, you can adjust the size of the video/screen share panels from the slider
  6. Meeting and Recording duration is shown. Click to see the roster of participants in this meeting.
  7. Select your preferred Sharing option:
    • Private - recording can not be accessed from a shared link.
    • Enterprise Access Only - recording will only be accessible to members of your enterprise group via the URL/Link (shown in screen shot below)
    • Open Access - recording will be accessible to anyone via the URL/link
  8. Download and Delete buttons are also available
    • WARNING: Deleting will remove all recording content, including Chapters, and cannot be recovered.
    • Deleted recordings will no longer be stored in the BlueJeans cloud.
    • The enterprise Admins can enable a setting to automatically delete recordings after a certain amount of days. This is found the Group Settings section of their Admin console.



Recording FAQ:

  1. Does everyone get recording? The Recording feature is available to all users under the My Team and My Company plans. If you do not see the recording option on your account, then verify with your Group Admin that Meeting Recording is enabled for the group.  The Admin will be able to enable (or disable) recording for an individual user. Admins can Check out instructions on How to Enable & Configure Recording for your Enterprise Group.  Additionally, BlueJeans can disable recording for all users in your enterprise (including Admins) in the background if that is required for compliance.
  2. I don't have the red button to start recording! Make sure that you have joined the meeting, as a Moderator, from our BlueJeans App (or Chrome or Firefox browser) to initiate recording. Even a Moderator-less Meeting will still require a Moderator login to start recording.
  3. What's the different between Basic Recording and Enhanced Recording? Enhanced Recording offers additional features, such as Online Playback and the ability to share recordings via URL. Visit Enhanced vs. Basic Recording to learn more.
  4. Can I watch a Recording's playback on my mobile device? At this time, we do not support online playback of Recordings on mobile devices, such as iPhones. The playback uses Adobe Flash, which is unavailable on most mobile devices.
  5. How long are recordings kept for, and can the user delete them? If the user deletes them, do the recordings still exist in backups, and if so for how long?  The duration of time that the recordings are kept is configurable by the admin for each enterprise.  Once recordings are deleted there are no backups.
  6. Who has access to recordings?  Per the instructions above each user can setup their recording with the level of access they want (Private, Enterprise Access, or Open Access).  BlueJeans operations are not provided any tools to access and playback customer recordings.  However, some of the operations personnel have physical or virtual access to the servers/storage on which the recordings are stored.  All access to such servers are logged through an audit trail mechanism.  All files are encrypted at rest.
  7. Does BlueJeans capture voice, video, or screensharing if recording is not being used? No, the only time voice, video, and screen sharing is captured is if the meeting owner initiates a recording.
  8. What are the technical specifications for recording?
  • Video Content is recorded at 1280x720@30fps, 1Mbps
  • Meeting Audio is recorded at 32KHz, 48Kbps, Mono
  • Meeting Screen Share is recorded at 1280x768@5Fps, 256Kbps