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Premium Access for China

Last Updated: July 15, 2018 // 11:33 PM

Premium Access for China

Due to in-country Internet conditions, some endpoints in mainland China may experience quality issues (e.g., choppy audio, poor video image or disconnects). BlueJeans offers a solution to help improve the meeting experience by leveraging a dedicated China network to handle BlueJeans traffic into and out of China. If your office or home connections in China are victims of poor in-country network conditions, then utilizing this dedicated China network should provide an excellent solution to improve your video conferencing quality.

How it Works

Once your Enterprise is subscribed to this upgraded feature, users joining the meeting from Mainland China will be transported over this dedicated network. Laptops and Mobile endpoints will automatically leverage the dedicated network however, Room Systems (H.323/SIP based codecs) will need to dial as below.

  • To join over the dedicated network, using your Room System (like Polycom, Cisco etc.), please dial the FQDN OR the IP address

Please note:

  • Only traffic originating from Mainland China is supported. If your corporate Internet traffic exits from another country (or Hong Kong), your calls will not use this dedicated network.
  • This is an upgraded feature and will be available at extra pricing. Reach out to your Account or Success Manager for pricing details. 
  • Media traffic will be routed through a different path; so please ensure your Firewall allows traffic to below IPs/ domain, on the same port range as specified in the article here
    • Domain-
  • Minimum version requirements for the client, to use this feature:
  • BlueJeans Desktop App: v1.18 or newer (including BlueJeans Desktop App2.0)
  • Android App: v2.7 or newer
  • iOS App: v11.0 or newer
  • Chrome Browser: v42 or newer

Known Caveat:

  • Dual stream content share for Room Systems is not supported.

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