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Setting your preferred connection option

Last Updated: April 15, 2019 // 4:52 PM

FEBRUARY 2018 UPDATE - This feature is unavailable in our new Desktop App 2.0

After coming into your meeting from a computer, you have the option to choose a preferred connection option. Once choosen, you will automatically join with this connection option for all meetings going forward.

To pick your preferred connection option, select Settings from the in-meeting menu and open the drop-down list for "My Preferred Connection.

  1. Always Ask - choose if you want audio to come from your computer or a separate telephone.
  2. Computer Audio - known as the "haircheck screen," this is the most preferred choice, allowing for the fastest entry into your meeting. Just confirm your camera and mic mute/unmute settings and click the green bar to enter the meeting.
  3. Phone Audio - "dial in" instructions will be provided, or, click "call me" and BlueJeans will call your number (click here for details).
  4. Room System - provides a quick wizard to easily "pair" your room system to the meeting.
  5. Screen Share - will take you straight into the meeting with your camera and microphone disabled (you could re-enable both, once inside the meeting. Click here for details.

Quick Joining: Users joining from Chrome or Firefox can add "/quick" to the end of their meeting's URL. The Quick Join method brings you directly into the meeting with all of the default options. Example URL -


Once in your meeting, you can set the specific camera, microphone or speaker device you wish to use from the Settings menu: