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How a guest Participant joins a video meeting from a Mobile phone

Last Updated: July 17, 2017 // 11:03 AM

You've been invited as a guest to attend a BlueJeans video meeting. To join from your Android or iOS phone (or tablet), follow the instructions below (you do not need to sign up for your own BlueJeans account.):

First download the BlueJeans app, directly from Google Play or Apple store (these links also found at, or

  1. Click the meeting URL link from your calendar invite
  2. Click "Join with the app"
  3. Click to install the BlueJeans app
  4. Press Install, from the Google Play or Apple app site
  5. The BlueJeans app is now installed on your phone



... then, to join the BlueJeans meeting:

  1. Click the meeting URL link from your calendar invite (or, from step 5 above, you could click and enter the meeting ID, manually)
  2. With the BlueJeans app already installed, you'll arrive in a page where you can enter your name or disable your video (if you choose). Press the green Join Meeting button
  3. Click OK if you are asked to allow BlueJeans to access your microphone or camera, or push notifications
  4. You'll arrive in the meeting:
    • on the bottom you'll see four buttons: to mute your camera or mic, change speaker, or exit the meeting
    • you will see other participants, and your own image, if your camera is on
    • click the upper right icon to chat with others, or
    • click the upper left icon for settings: layout options and screen sharing. Tilt phone on its side for landscape viewing.
    • if your wifi signal is "spotty" (i.e., your audio and/or video images are not good):
      • move to an area with a stronger signal, closer to your wifi access point
      • swipe the white button upwards to switch into low bandwidth mode - your camera will be muted and and you will not see any participants - this preserves the limited bandwidth for audio only (you will see screen shares, if they are shown).
      • and to improve your audio further, wear ear-buds, especially if using an Android.


Need additional information? Click Android or iOS for more details on using those mobile devices in a meeting.