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No audio and/or video from your computer

Last Updated: February 5, 2018 // 6:17 PM
If you've joined a meeting from your computer and cannot hear, be heard, or be seen then follow the instructions below:
  1. Check that your Camera and Microphone are not muted. Red icons with a strikethrough indicate that the device is currently muted.
  2. If your devices are not muted, but you are still experiences issues, click on the Settings Menu . Make sure that the correct Camera, Microphone and Speaker devices have been selected for your system. To test:
    • Press the "Play Test Sound" button to confirm your speakers work.
    • Talk into your mic and you should see an orange "volume bar" under the microphone box.
    • Click Here for more information regarding audio configuration when using Google Chrome.


Other audio steps to check:

  • To make sure you can be heard, check if your mic device has any hardware mute buttons on it, for instance:
    • If the headset cord has a flashing red light, there may be a un-mute button on the headset cord that needs to be pressed,
    • USB speakerphone devices may have mute/unmute buttons on them, and
    • If someone uses HDMI output to TV sound, need to make sure the TV has speakers, and that the volume on the TV is turned up.
  • If you can't hear anyone:
    • The other participant may be having a microphone problem on their end,
    • If attending a moderated meetings, the moderator must join before the audio will start (the moderator has a blue bar next to their name in the Participants tab.
  • Test your microphone and speaker with our automated parrot! Join Talk and Jean the Parrot will repeat what you said, in Jean's parrot voice, to confirm your mic and speakers are meeting ready!


If you still have problems being heard, change the Recording settings in your Computer:

    Windows PC

  • Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Sound -> Recording ->
  • Double-click on the microphone being used (if you have more than 1 in this list), and click on 'Levels'
  • Move the 'Microphone' volume pointer to 50+ (Ensure this is not at zero, and that the speaker is not muted)
  • Ensure Mute is off ... the speaker icon does not have a red circle/slash


  • Go to System Preferences -> Sound ->
  • In the Input tab, click on your mic used and ensure:
    • the Input and Output volume is at least 50%, preferably higher
    • test your speech, making sure the Input Level meter shows activity
  • In the Output tab, make sure your balance is in the middle
  • Also, in the "Audio MIDI setup" utility, make sure Mic mute isn't turned on