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Embed Login/Signup page on your website

Last Updated: April 15, 2019 // 4:44 PM

Onboarding tip - log into your Blue Jeans account and click Admin / Manage Users / Onboarding tools. Use the listed code snippets (shown below) to embed the Blue Jeans sign-up and log-in forms into a page of your choosing to allow your users to sign up for an account in your Blue Jeans enterprise.

  • Note, in the snippets below you do not see any https:// or https:// before
  • Append http or https in-front of bluejeans, this has to be based upon your parent domain (if it is secure use https else http). For example ... <iframe frameborder=0 src=‘' width='240' height='340'></iframe>
  • After this, you may need to change the width and height on the iframe matching to your parent website frames.

Note: You need to have a Custom Landing Page ... if there is no landing page the steps above will not work.