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Live Meeting Control

Last Updated: April 26, 2018 // 3:11 PM


Live Meeting Control is a feature available to all Enterprises that are subscribed to Command Center Pro. Controlling a meeting allows you to moderate a meeting remotely. You can enable or disable various meeting features and troubleshoot the participants' experience.


Enabling Live Meeting Control

Live Meeting Control is disabled by default for Enterprises with Command Center Pro. To have it enabled please send a request to our Support Team to have it enabled for your group (request must come from a Group Admin). Once enabled, Group Admins will have the ability to enable or disable access to Live Meeting Control on a per-user basis.


How to Enable

As an Group Admin, follow the steps below to enable Live Meeting Control:

  1. Log into your account from the web and access the Admin page.
  2. Select Manage Users and pick a User to enable.
  3. In the User's account, select Settings & Features, check the box to enable Live Meeting Control and click Save Changes to apply.
    • Please Note that the User must also be enabled with Command Center to be enabled with Live Meeting Control.



Using Live Meeting Control

After being enabled with Live Meeting Control, a new feature will be accessible through the Live Meetings page in Command Center. Clicking on any Live Meeting will now display a toggable Control Meeting switch to turn ON or OFF.


How to Remotely Moderator a Meeting

Turning Control Meeting on will give you the following Live Meeting Controls:

  1. RECORDING - Start and/or Stop Meeting Recording.
    • Meeting Participants will be notified that recording started or stopped.
  2. LOCK MEETING - Locks the current session, preventing any further participants from joining until unlocked.
    • Moderators can still join locked meetings.
  3. MUTE ON ENTRY - Preemptively mutes the microphones of all participants upon joining the meeting, requiring them to unmute to be heard.
    • Moderators joining will not be muted.
  4. VIDEO LAYOUT - Changes the video layout to all participants; Active Speaker, Active Presence, or Constant Presence.
  5. JOIN - Automatically joins the meeting, in a new browser tab, with the Moderator's URL.
  6. END - Ends the live meeting; requires confirmation.
  7. PARTICIPANT CONTROLS - Independently manage each participant in the meeting. . .
    • Participants can be remotely muted and removed from the meeting.