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International number access to dial into a BlueJeans meeting

Last Updated: April 15, 2019 // 4:37 PM

The list of International dial-in telephone numbers, by country, are found at Customers with Premium access have additional countries, found at

Meeting Participants can view their local dial-in instructions in two ways:

  1. When joining from the web app, select your country's local dial-in number from the drop-down list.
  2. When joining from an email invite, click the "all numbers" link to view all available dial-in options for this meeting.


Click here for instructions on how to customize which numbers appear in your invites


Basic dial-in Access:

Need to dial into a BlueJeans meeting from outside the continental United States or Canada? By default, participants can can dial into your meetings using 35+ international dial-in numbers, found at Participants dialing into these numbers are responsible for any toll charges by their Audio Carrier.

Note: If you are calling a country dial-in number from inside the country, don't enter the country code, but, you will often need to add a 0 (zero) to the beginning of your string. For example, the published France number (+ would be entered if dialing from Paris.

Premium dial-in Access:

If access is needed from additional countries (such as China or India), or you want to provide toll-free access from certain countries (such as Australia or U.K.), you can sign up for "Premium Number" service ( In addition to the Basic country list, additional "premium" numbers are provided (see below for countries and cost per minute). The meeting host enterprise group will be charged, on a per minute basis, for EACH participant who dials into your meeting from a country listed in the attached table. Participants will be taken to when they click "see all numbers" in your meeting room or email invite.

Price Rates for Premium Numbers

If your enterprise group is interested in signing up for Premium Number service, please contact your BlueJeans Sales or Customer Success Manager.

Note regarding the U.S. toll free number:

  • Is not available to users on some BlueJeans plans
  • It can be dialed only from callers in Canada and the continental U.S. (not Alaska or Hawaii).