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iPhone and iPad BlueJeans app

Last Updated: November 16, 2018 // 4:54 PM

BlueJeans offers an app for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) that includes the ability to view and share HD content! Calls are delivered with SIP SRTP encryption.

Prior to proceeding, please take note of the following:

  • Minimum supported iOS version is 10.0 and later
  • Please connect to a wi-fi network for the best quality

To install and use the BlueJeans app on your iOS device: 

  1. Download the BlueJeans app from the app store, then click on the icon to enter.
  2. Log into your account with your username and password.
  3. Access your calendar of meetings. Swipe for four icon options: Delete, Edit, join the meeting with Video or Audio only.
    • Meetings that are synced with your calendar will appear in the app's calendar
    • Choose one of three supported calendars:
      • Mobile iOS calendar
      • Google Calendar
      • Office 365 Calendar ... if you are an Outlook/O365 user, simply point your iOS mail and calendar apps at Outlook/Exchange and then you can sync the iOS default calendar with the BlueJeans iOS app so the BlueJeans meetings show up in your BlueJeans app.
  4. You'll land in the meeting! Press an icon to:
    • Chat, Mute your mic or camera, change Video Layouts (3 on-screen options), change your camera to front or back, or end the call. (up to nine video panels will be shown in Constant Presence mode for iOS devices).
    • Your camera image is shown at the bottom right
    •  Note ear-bud/speaker behavior, found at the bottom of this solution
  5.     Click/Swipe icon at top left for more options:
    • Invite options
    • Share Documents or Photos stored on the device
    • Change the Layout, to either:
      • Active Speaker (just the speaker shown)
      • Active Presence (speaker talking at top, with thumbnails of most recent speakers at the bottom)
      • Constant Presence (up to four speakers shown equally)
  6.     Click icon at top right to Chat
  7.     To access the Settings and Account menu, click the "Me" icon in lower right, after you log in
  8.     Click the + icon at bottom, after you log in, to quickly Join or Schedule a meeting
    • ​Note: The data usage for a video is roughly 450MB per hour. We recommend using wifi as much as possible to connect using mobile app, to avoid potential data overage charges.
    • You can also join the meeting (in audio only mode) from the BlueJeans mobile app (for iOS or Android). Audio quality is superb, and no dial in toll charges are incurred. Click here for iOS instructions.

Please note the following audio output scenario:

  • Join/Start meeting with NO ear-buds, audio plays through speakers fine, plug in ear-buds - audio plays via ear-buds, un-plug ear-buds, audio goes back to speaker.
  • Join/Start meeting with Ear-buds connected, then Unplug ear-buds, audio goes to iPhone ear-piece, re-plug ear-buds, audio works via ear-buds properly. This audio operation will continue until you drop from meeting and unplug ear-buds prior to Join/Start meeting.