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BlueJeans Google Calendar add-on and Google Chrome Extension Comparison

Last Updated: April 16, 2019 // 9:54 PM

Your BlueJeans account can easily integrate with Google Calendar using our Google Calendar integration solutions. There are two solutions available: 

Google Calendar add-on: The add-on has been redesigned to take advantage of technologies now available in Google Suite's new add-on framework. This new framework allows the add-on to be enabled everywhere Google Calendar can be accessed -- browsers and mobile devices alike. As the add-on is platform agnostic, it is highly recommended.

Google Chrome Extension: The extension adds the BlueJeans Helper button to your Google chrome browser and enables you to start and schedule meetings with a single click. BlueJeans meetings can be created directly from your browser's toolbar or from your Google Calendar. The extension is feature-rich, but works only within the Google Chrome browser.

Included below is a full feature comparison to help choose the right solution for yourself and/or your organization: 

  Google Chrome Extension Google Calendar add-on
  • Personal Meeting
  • One Time Meeting
  • Delegate Scheduling
  • Advanced Settings
  • Personal Meeting
  • One Time Meeting
Supported Clients
  • Google Chrome
  • Any browser that supports Javascript
  • Google Calendar mobile app (Android/iOS)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will BlueJeans Google add-on have feature parity with the Google Chrome Extension?

A: We are actively adding new features to our add-on; however, there are some features that require Google API support. Due to the relatively new framework, we are still exploring the feasibility of achieving feature parity with our Google Chrome Extension.


Q: Will both solutions continue to be updated with new releases and features?

A: Yes, we will continue to support both solutions until feature parity is reached.


Q: Can I use both solutions?

A: We do not recommend using both solutions. Unless advanced settings or delegate scheduling are needed, we highly recommend using the Google Calendar add-on. If you are already using the Google Chrome Extension, you should uninstall it to avoid confusion within the Google Calendar invite.