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Managing Features for Users

Last Updated: October 25, 2017 // 9:42 AM

Manage Features for your Users

Group Admins can also adjust features for individual users from the Manage Users page in the Admin Console. When editing a specific user, use the Settings & Features tab to enable or disable specific features such as: Admin Access, Command Center, Remote Desktop Control, available Connection Options, etc.

  • Features that have been unchecked at the enterprise-level will not be available to adjust at the user-level.
    • If the feature is checked, but the default has been set to Disabled, then the feature can be adjusted at the user-level.


User Features

The following are all the user-level features that can be managed by Group Admins:


  • Administrator: Make this user a group administrator
  • Command Center: Grant command center access
    • Events Command Center: Grant this user access to the Events command center
    • Live Meeting Control: Enable this user to control live meetings in the enterprise
    • Hide Participant Names: This will hide the user list and participant names for this command center user
  • Bluejeans Events: Enable Events for this user

Meeting Features

User Settings

  • Meeting Recording: Enable users to record, playback and share meetings
  • Large Meetings: Enable users to have large meetings (more than the standard 25 participants limit)
  • Premium Calling: Allow user to dial into meetings using premium calling numbers
  • Delegate Scheduling: Allow this user to delegate scheduling of meetings to others

Third Party Integrations

Endpoint Options


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