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BlueJeans Events: Preparation tips and Check list

Last Updated: April 15, 2019 // 4:20 PM

Below is a checklist for hosting a successful BlueJeans Event (copy and paste to doc if you need printed version):

Set up and optimize devices (At least 2 weeks prior to the event):

▢ Work with IT on the following requirements:

▢ Double-check that the correct Firewall ports are open to allow computer or Room system (H323 or SIP) to join the event.
▢ If you are behind a restrictive Firewall or Proxy, allow http content from Akamai servers i.e.: and
▢ Review Event bandwidth requirements and overall System Requirements
▢ Determine if BlueJeans Accelerator, that helps make office bandwidth efficient when many participants join separately from the same network, should be implemented. If the Accelerator WILL be deployed for the Event:

▢ If Video Sharing will be used, ensure that the Accelerator setup includes VideoSharing enablement. Contact to verify.

▢ If Attendees will be joining the Event via your VPN, ensure the VPN is properly configured to allow access to the Accelerator nodes. If not, users should NOT use VPN when joining the Event.

▢ Contact to test your Accelerator deployment.

▢ Moderators and presenters, joining from a computer, should use the BlueJeans app.
▢ Firefox browser note: Moderators or Presenters are currently not supported on Firefox - they will be prompted to join from BlueJeans App. Attendees using Firefox need to install the latest flash player.

Plan the event:

▢ Create event Agenda/Show flow including moderator responsibilities
▢ Plan your event space and setup time (make sure room(s) will be available)
▢ Will there be a need to share presentation or any other content? If yes, consider:

▢ Who will be sharing and controlling the content? We recommend the content controller to use a second monitor
▢ Note that audio will not play if embedded in the presentation
▢ Remove transitions and animations from presentation slides
▢ if playing back a video using BlueJeans Video Share, upload the video(s) to the content controller’s BlueJeans account beforehand and back up to another moderator’s account

▢ Designate additional Moderators, if needed:

▢ Emcee - (controls agenda, presenter introduction & transitions): __________
▢ Event Broadcast, Recording, and Layout Moderator: _________________
▢ Content Moderator: ________________
▢ Q&A, Chat & Polling Moderator:________________
▢ Participant Promotion/Demotion Moderator: ________________
     Optional A/V Production Roles:

▢ Event Coordinator:_______________
▢ Camera Operator: _______________
▢ Broadcast & Recording operator:_______________
▢ Audio operator: ________________
▢ Mic Runner (optional): ______________

▢ Prepare the Presenters:

▢ Provide speakers with agenda, and ensure their content is prepared
▢ Ensure all Presenters know they need to join from a reliable internet connection ((avoid spotty WiFi signals or Cellular Data connections))
▢ Send Presenters Event Best Practices


▢ Schedule your event (click here for step by step instructions)
▢ Ensure you have the right time and date of the event
▢ Advanced Settings

▢ Public vs. Restricted (Restricted means attendees and presenters must have a BlueJeans account under your enterprise or have SSO enabled)
▢ Registration (Attendees must register and be approved to join)
▢ Event Branding (add a custom slide for the welcome and ending)

▢ Settings

▢ Event Chat (Live chat feature available to all attendees, presenters, and moderators)
▢ Attendee Search (Allow attendees to search for other attendees)
▢ Q&A (Question and Answer section)
▢ Auto Recording (Recording will automatically start when Broadcast is initiated)
▢ Phone Dial-In (Allow up to 500 attendees to dial-in using phone)

▢ Send your invite:

▢ Invite the right people per their roles (Moderator or Presenter or Attendee). Note: Moderators must be logged into the BlueJeans account to join as a moderator (verify they have an account). Include attendee best practices in attendee invitation
▢ Through BlueJeans - Enter email addresses for each role in the invite box under the appropriate tab, or through a third party client - Use the ‘copy join info’ at the bottom to copy paste the invite information into a third party client invite (eg. Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar)

▢ Schedule a rehearsal at least 1 week prior to the event (you can use the same event ID as the main event)

Rehearse the Event (At least 1 week prior to the event):

▢ Ensure Moderators and Presenters understand the controls (practice muting/unmuting, promoting an Attendee, posting Questions and providing Answers):

Moderator Controls
Presenter Controls
Attendee Controls

▢ Test content share from the device that will be used to present content (i.e. slides in correct order)
▢ Test video content (ensure video is uploaded to BlueJeans and performs with quality)
▢ Ensure video and audio quality from each tested endpoint is solid ((no background noise, echo, feedback)
▢ Make sure Presenters look and sound good on camera. Ensure that the speakers will be in a quiet room and are aware of background noise (e.g shuffling papers, whispering to colleagues, etc.).
▢ Change video layouts, to determine what works best for your event: Active Speaker, Active Presence, or Constant Presence
▢ Review and test promoting attendees for live interaction when applicable
▢ It's common that users will try multiple browsers or tabs to view as an attendee (to test etc). It's recommended to view only from a single browser on a single tab. Having multiple tabs or browsers joining as attendee will consume bandwidth and may also cause audio repetitions resulting in poor viewing experience.
▢ Have several questions queued up for the Q&A section, just in case no one in the audience steps forward.

Event day

▢ Moderators and Presenters should set their calendars to arrive 30 minutes early, for final testing and set up
▢ Press "Broadcast" to start the event (if auto recording is selected the recording will auto start when selected)
▢ Provide a brief introduction to the audience, including Event how-to instructions, as needed, such as:

▢ How Attendees raise hand to be promoted
▢ When/how to use event chat and moderator chat
▢ How to post questions
▢ How to get technical assistance,
▢ Letting Attendees know they can only watch and listen (they cannot be seen or heard), and,
▢ Telling Attendees the video/audio content they receive has a 20 second delay

After the event:

▢ Debrief with the Speakers to determine what went well and what could be improved
▢ Recording, Q&A transcript, chat transcript, participant roster will be automatically emailed to the event creator (click here for details):

▢ Check recording, and share the link with appropriate participants
▢ Review attendee comments in emailed participant roster and followup as needed.

▢ Visit your Command Center panel to review statistics from this event.

For more information, check out our Best Practices Guide for more suggestions on running a smooth event. Also, attend our Live Event training and watch our Events Training Videos

Need help moderating your event? The BlueJeans support team is here to assist you. Fill out this form to schedule one of our experts to work with you in making sure your event is spectacular!