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BlueJeans Events: View & Share Recordings and Event Analytics

Last Updated: December 13, 2018 // 11:25 AM

Once the event is completed, a post-event analytics report will be emailed to the event organizer containing the event recording link, chat transcription, and other detailed reports. Reports can be downloaded and shared with others.


To access the event recording, click on View/Share Recording:


OR, log in to, click Recording tab, then Events, and select the recording you wish to see:

  1. Click the play button of the recording you wish to access. Start and pause the recording to view in this panel. Note, when screen share is shown, you can adjust the size of the video/screen share panels from the slider
  2. Click Participants to view the roster of participants in this event.
  3. Select your preferred Sharing option:
    • Private - recording can not be accessed from a shared link.
    • Enterprise Access Only - recording will only be accessible to members of your enterprise group via the URL/Link (shown in screen shot below)
    • Open Access - recording will be accessible to anyone via the URL/link
  4. If Enterprise or Open access is chosen, you have the option to  copy the URL/Link and check if you wish to allow viewers to download. Click Share Recording to share directly from the interface.
  5. Download and Delete buttons are also available. WARNING: Deleting will remove all Chapters. After deleting, recordings cannot be recovered.
  6. During the event if recording is paused and restarted, a new chapter will be captured.


If you are enabled with BlueJeans Command Center access, you can view current and past event analytics, monitor participant hours consumed on a per event basis, and gain insight and learn how the various members of your organization are using BlueJeans Events. To access Command Center - Events:

  1. Log in to
  3. Click EVENTS tab