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Echo - how to identify source and steps to fix

Last Updated: July 20, 2017 // 12:53 PM

BlueJeans is continually improving our network to provide the best possible meeting quality. If echo is still heard in your conference, it is most likely caused by one or more end-point devices. To help pinpoint the echo source:

  • If you hear your own audio back as echo, the problem is likely on the other person’s side.
  • If the other person is hearing their audio echoing, the problem is likely on your side.
  • Tip: the "Now Talking" tab in the Participants roster shows who is speaking, and, will also display the source of "noise" coming into the conference. In this example, John is speaking, but additional noise is generated from Ralph, thus Ralph is the source of the echo. The meeting Moderator can click Ralph's microphone icon to mute the echo source:


Steps to help you reduce/eliminate echo from your computer include:

  1. Avoid dialing into the meeting from a telephone in the same room with your computer video endpoint (click here for description)
  2. If using built in speakers in your laptop:
    • Lower the speaker volume, or
    • Add an external speaker with built-in echo cancellation. Place speakers far away from the laptop mic and reduce volume to a comfortable level.
  3. If using an external microphone, move the microphone away about a foot away from the speakers.
  4. Adjust your mic/speaker settings from your computer control panel:
    • Reduce or turn off the microphone boost option.
    • Disable all Playback and Recording enhancements (click here for instructions).
  5. Avoid keyboard typing with an unmuted mic and step back from the laptop when using hands-free mode.
  6. Some computers have an echo cancellation feature but it could be compromised on high CPU load. Closing a few processes can help enable that feature.
  7. If nothing else works, using a headset or earbuds instead of speakers will eliminate echo.

 Steps to help you reduce/eliminate echo when dialing in from a telephone include:

  1. Join via computer if you have Internet access in order to show your face.
  2. If joining by audio only, please introduce yourself at the start of the call.
  3. If you have already joined via laptop/desktop with a mic, you do not need to connect via telephone. This can cause echo due to multiple audio sources. (click here for description)
  4. Refrain from using speakerphone functions on mobile devices.  Not all phones have built in echo cancellation and this can result in a poor audio experience.
  5. If speakerphone is necessary, please mute your phone when not speaking; this will limit the opportunity for echo to occur.
  6. If using a mobile, ensure that you are located in an area with good coverage.  Poor cell coverage can lead to a poor audio experience.