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BlueJeans with Dolby Voice

Last Updated: January 2, 2019 // 11:04 AM

Introducing BlueJeans with Dolby Voice

BlueJeans has partnered with Dolby Laboratories to create an entirely new meeting experience using Dolby Voice. This powerful combination of the BlueJeans platform and Dolby Voice directly addresses two of the most common video conferencing complaints - ease of use and audio quality.

  • Please Note: Version 1.29+ of the BlueJeans App is required to experience Dolby Voice


What are the primary benefits?

  • Clear audio that is easy to hear and understand
    • Participants will experience exceptional audio clarity without distortion
    • Distracting background noise and ambient sounds are suppressed
    • Volume leveling technology maintains a consistent volume level across all speakers; loud or quiet.
  • Natural conversation flows among multiple people
    • Multiple people can talk at once with overlapping conversation
    • Minimizes sound delays that create conversation lag and unintended pauses
    • Improves speaking interactions and participation
  • Better comprehension and meeting efficiency
    • Easy to know who is speaking and to follow conversations between multiple speakers
    • Effortless audio environment that frees the brain to concentrate on the conversation
    • Increased meeting and conversation efficiency and productivity

For more information, visit our BlueJeans + Dolby Voice page!


BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Conference Phone

In addition to the benefits of Dolby Voice, the Dolby Conference Phone has become an official component for BlueJeans Rooms. The DCP takes the place of the traditional Room Tablet and Speakerphone, providing a one-touch joining experience for users and making the room easier to deploy and manage.

For more information on BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Conference Phone, visit our Knowledge Base Article.