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Display name for room systems

Last Updated: July 20, 2017 // 12:16 PM

The desired display name for room system can be set in E164 field at  - 

       Configuration -> System configuration -> H323 -> H.323Alias -> E164 
(Note: These settings may be at a different location depending on the room system you are using)
If you are making a direct call to BlueJeans (without gatekeeper), the name entered in e164 is displayed as the name of the room system. 
If your unit is registered to gatekeeper (VCS), then the name specified in h323 ID is displayed.
If you are seeing h323:<IP address> displayed for your room system, you are most likely using C40/ C60 / SX20 room system units and making a direct call to BlueJeans (without gatekeeper). In this case, h323:<IP address> is an expected display name of the room system, even if you specify h323 ID or E164.
This is an expected behavior due to the way these models send the display name.