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Disabling Premium Dial-in Number access for an Account

Last Updated: November 5, 2017 // 10:26 PM

If Premium Calling is enabled for your group, Admins can choose to disable access to the Premium Numbers for specific accounts. This option is for accounts that do not want dial-in participants to have access to numbers with Premium Rates (refer to list of Premium Dial-in Numbers with numbers marked “additional rates apply”).

From the Admin Console’s Feature Management page, an Admin can:

  1. Disable (or Re-enable) Premium Calling for the entire group,
  2. Set the default for to-be-added accounts,
  3. Apply the default to all users, or
  4. See the number of accounts enabled and disabled

In the Manage Users / Settings & Features tab, the Admin can check (or uncheck) the Premium Calling box for specific accounts. In this example, with the box unchecked, John Smith’s meeting invitations would point callers to the standard list (that does not include any Premium numbers):


To get a list of all telephone numbers dialed in your group’s meetings, download the “Endpoint” .csv from the Command Center / Past Meetings tab. The phone number dialed will appear in the “didnumber” column: