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Dialing into a meeting from a Desk Telephone

Last Updated: March 4, 2018 // 6:31 PM

You can join any BlueJeans Meeting from a desk telephone. You choose whether you also want to see video (other participant’s videos and screen share presentations):

  • Dialing-in from a Desk telephone without video:
    1. Dial a phone number shown on your email invitation.
    2. At the greeter's prompt:
      • Enter the provided Meeting ID followed by the # sign. If there is no participant passcode (as shown in the screenshot below), press the # sign again and you'll be in the meeting.
      • If a participant passcode is required, enter that code followed by the # sign.
    3. Click to visit for a list of 40+ international dial-in numbers. We also offer "premium" (including Toll Free) international numbers - See our International number access article to learn more.



  • Dialing-in from a Desk telephone, with video (our recommended solution, especially for those used to the WebEx experience):
    1. Click the Join Meeting button found in your invite
    2. After downloading the app (or browser extension) you’ll land in our “hair check” page. Click "More Connection Options"
    3. Click Phone Audio
    4. The "Dial In" panel appears. Dial the phone number shown (If your country is not listed, select the closest one from the drop down)
    5. Enter the Audio Code generated for your connection and press # to confirm.
    6. The panel will show you a green "pairing your phone" checkbox. Your telephone is now in the meeting!
    7. The panel will then ask you to confirm your video (i.e., leave your camera on or off), then click "Join Meeting."
    8. You’ll enter the meeting and be able to see the participants (and they can see you, if your camera is on).
      • Use your telephone speaker and microphone. Your computer speaker and mic are automatically disabled.
      • To mute your telephone microphone, you can:
        • Use the mute button on the telephone, or,
        • Press #4 in your phone to mute (and unmute) your microphone within the BlueJeans system. You'll see a visual indicator (Audio ON or Audio OFF) in the right hand menu.


To achieve the best possible audio:

  • Use * 4 to mute and unmute yourself. If you're a Moderator dialing in from a telephone, * 8 can be used to mute all and unmute all.
  • If joining by audio only, please introduce yourself at the start of the call (unless you’re late to the meeting!)
  • If you have already joined via laptop/desktop with a mic, you do not need to connect via telephone. This can cause echo due to multiple audio sources.
  • Refrain from using speakerphone functions on mobile devices.  Not all phones have built in echo cancellation and this can result in a poor audio experience.
  • If speakerphone is necessary, please mute your phone when not speaking; this will limit the opportunity for echo to occur.

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