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Delegate Scheduling from Google Calendar

Last Updated: April 15, 2019 // 4:55 PM


The BlueJeans for Google Chrome browser extension now officially supports Delegate Scheduling for Google Calendar. Delegate scheduling provides the ability for a delegate to schedule BlueJeans meetings on behalf of another BlueJeans user, the delegator. Delegates can add BlueJeans meetings to new or existing events using their chosen Delegator's meeting details. See below for requirements and instructions.



  • Both the Delegate and the Delegator require active BlueJeans accounts.
  • Delegation Access must be configured in both BlueJeans and Google Calendar.


How to Delegate Schedule from Google Calendar

Once you and your Delegator have setup Delegate Access in BlueJeans and Google Calendar, then follow the instructions below:

  1. From Google Calendar, select the calendar of the Delegator you are scheduling on-behalf of.
  2. Create a new Event or update an existing one.
  3. Click the Add BlueJeans Meeting button.
    • The button will add the Delegator's default Meeting Type (Personal or One Time) to the invitation.
    • Alternatively, clicking the drop-down arrow to pick between using the Delegator's Personal Meeting ID or create a One Time ID.


Please Note:

  • If you change which Delegator's calendar will be used after the meeting is added, then the meeting details will be removed.


  • If a Delegate attempts to add a BlueJeans meeting and delegate access has not been properly configured on BlueJeans, then the delegate will be notified and given an option to use their own meeting id instead.