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Delegate Scheduling

Last Updated: November 20, 2018 // 2:50 PM

Delegate scheduling provides the ability for a "delegate" to schedule BlueJeans meetings on behalf of another BlueJeans users (the "delegator") in the Enterprise Group. Contact your Customer Success Manager or BlueJeans Support if you would like this feature enabled for your Enterprise Group.

How the Group Admin Enables Delegate Scheduling for Users

Group Admins have the ability to enable or disable delegation for their users. Once delegation is enabled for a user, they will be able to add their own delegates.

  1. Click on the Admin tab and select Manage Users from the side menu.
  2. Search for a specific user in your group, click their name (John Smith, in example below), and click the Settings & Features tab.
  3. Within the Permissions sub-section, scroll down and click the “Delegate Scheduling” checkbox. Note – both the Delegator and Delegate must have BlueJeans accounts and have “Delegate Scheduling” checked in their permissions. 
  4. As a Group Admin, you have the ability to manually assign available Delegates. The Delegator can also add their own Delegates, from their Account Menu.
  5. Save Changes.


How the Delegator adds Delegates

Once Delegation has been enabled, the user can add new delegates from their account:

  1. Log into your BlueJeans account.
  2. ​Click on your Profile and select Delegation.


  1. Click the Add Delegate button and input the Full Name of the Delegate User (Roger Smith, in the example below).

    • Both Delegator and Delegate will receive a confirmation email when added or removed.

    • To remove a Delegate, click on the "trash can" icon to remove their delegation privileges from your account.

  2. Repeat Step 3 to add additional Delegates.


How the Delegate schedules a meeting on behalf of the Delegator, via Web App

  1. Delegate logs into your BlueJeans account from the web portal.

  2. Click on the Schedule Meeting button.

  3. Use the dropdown menu to select the Delegator you want to schedule for (John Smith, in this example):


  1. Fill in the scheduling details and hit Schedule to create the new meeting.

  • Please Note that Delegated Meetings will use the default Advanced Options of the Delegate, not the Delegator.

The Delegator will have this new meeting displayed in their calendar. And the Delegate (who scheduled the meeting) can access the meetings they have scheduled for their Delegators by viewing the user’s BlueJeans Schedule:



Delegate Scheduling via Outlook

The BlueJeans Delegate Scheduling feature is supported in the following Outlook environments. For more details refer to the Knowledge Base article here

  • Outlook 2010 – 2016 and all versions of Office 365 (note, there is limited support for Outlook 2007)

  • Exchange 2016 and the hosted Office 365 variant of Exchange

  • Outlook for Mac OS X is not supported.

  • OS and Android platforms are not supported.

  • Delegate Scheduling is currently unavailable on the Office 365 Add-in.

An Outlook user who is scheduling meetings on behalf of another Outlook user must have the appropriate Outlook rights and have been enabled with Delegation on the BlueJeans account. We support scheduling on behalf of others by using Outlook calendaring or through the BlueJeans add-in.