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How to Delegate Schedule a BlueJeans Meeting with Windows Outlook

Last Updated: April 15, 2019 // 4:56 PM
This guide is intended for those who meet all of the following criteria: 
  1. Are already provisioned with a BlueJeans account
  1. Who have the BlueJeans Outlook Add-in
  1. Who are using Windows Outlook
Both the Delegate and the Delegator MUST have BlueJeans accounts - see Step 2.
Delegate Scheduling is currently unavailable on the Office 365 Add-in.
Contact your IT Admin or for more information. 
Step 1: Set up delegate scheduling in Outlook (REQUIRED)
(Below screenshot is for Windows Outlook 2016)
Step 2: Set up delegate scheduling in your account (REQUIRED)
Follow the instructions detailed here:
Step 3: Begin scheduling BlueJeans meetings on behalf of others!
  1. Select the calendar for whom you would like to schedule a meeting on behalf of.
  2. Create a calendar meeting
  3. Select the BlueJeans icon in order to add BlueJeans Meetings details

  1. You will receive a pop up to confirm the BlueJeans account that you are scheduling on behalf of

  1. Use “Edit Meeting” to select between a personal meeting ID or randomly generated ID