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IP PBX Integration with the Dolby Conference Phone

Last Updated: April 15, 2019 // 4:55 PM

Configuring the Dolby Conference Phone as a SIP Endpoint

In addition to being able to join meetings with the BlueJeans Rooms app, the Dolby Conference Phone can be registered to an IP PBX system to make and receive calls. The unique integration with BlueJeans makes integration simple and easy with Command Center. To enable SIP calling for your DCP, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into your BlueJeans Admin account
  2. Launch Command Center and open the Rooms tab
  3. Select the Room from the list that you want to setup with an IP PBX system
  4. In the Room Information section, click the CONFIGURE SIP button under the SIP STATUS heading

  1. Fill out the SIP CONFIGURATION form with the information from your IP PBX system
    • The Display Name should match the Room Name
    • The Address / Extension Number is the IP Address or Extension Number for the DCP
    • The Primary Call Server / Outbound Proxy is the server and port details from the IP PBX system
    • The User Credentials are the Username and Password from the IP PBX system
  2. Click [Save] and the [Phone] button on your DCP will now be available from the touchpad!


No IP-PBX Service? Need Additional Assistance?

Ensure you have signed up and are using a Dolby-approved and supported IP-PBX provider. The following providers are expected to function with the BlueJeans service:

  • RingCentral
  • Avaya Aura Platform
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM)
  • BroadSoft
  • Unify OpenScape
  • Skype for Business
  • West

Follow Dolby instructions to configure the account to be DCP-ready. Dolby instructions can be found here, while older installation guides can be found here.

Important: Do not follow the "Registering the phone ..." section(s) of the Dolby-provided instructions. Instead of entering the guide's values into the DCP web admin, enter them into the BlueJeans Command Center. Ensure the DCP room name has been added to Command Center, then select the "CONFIGURE SIP" option to set the IP-PBX parameters for the DCP.


The following configuration matrix can be helpful in knowing what ITSP / IP-PBX server provider setting names map to the equivalent fields in the BlueJeans Command Center SIP settings: 

ITSP/IP-PBX Ext/Address Transport Port SIP Domain Primary Outbound Proxy User Cred Name User Cred Password Notes
CUCM Director Number       Primary Subscriber Digest User Digest Credentials Subs need to be a member of the CM group in which the phone's device pool is located
Ring Central Username   SIP Domain Port SIP Domain Server Outbound Proxy Server Authorization ID Password  
Twilio Credential User Name     SIP URI     Password  
Avaya Extension Number       Primary Session Manager address Login Name Communications Profile PW  
Jive Username     SIP domain Proxy   SIP password  
ShoreTel Director Number       ShoreTel Virtual Switch IP Number SIP Password  
OnSIP Username     (company name) Auth Username SIP Password  
Masergy Broadcore DID     Domain   Authorization ID Authorization Password  
All Worx User ID     Allworx server address   Login ID Password  


Links to Dolby IP-PBX provider configuration guides are as follows: