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How to Customize your Dial-in Numbers

Last Updated: May 16, 2018 // 1:38 PM

Do you often have international customers dialing into your meeting? Administrators and Users can add specific country dial-in numbers to your meeting invites!

Admininistrators customizing the default number list for their group:

Access your Admin Console from the website, select Group Settings, and scroll down until you see "Phone Numbers Preferences"

  1. The default dial-in numbers, that will be shown in your moderator's invitations, are listed.
  2. Check if you want to allow your moderators to over-ride and choose their own numbers.
  3. Check to allow overriding the default numbers based on geographic location.
  4. Click to change the phone number configuration.


In the Manage Phone Numbers panel:

  1. The default numbers are listed at the top, with a solid orange star.
  2. To add a new default number, click the star (Australia Melborne in this example) to a solid orange.
  3. Drag a default number, up or down, to the location you wish it to appear in the invitations.
  4. Use the search panel to find a country.
  5. Click "Add Custom Number" to add your own numbers. The "custom" label will be shown (e.g., the France listing, in example below). Click Save to accept your edits.



... and coming at the end of June 2018, Administrators will have the ability to disable a specific international dial-in number from being used in a meeting to reduce phone dial-in costs:




Users customizing the published number list for their account:

Individual users can customize their published numbers, assuming the Admin checked to allow moderators to choose different default numbers. From the Account Menu, they would click Settings then Configure Phone Numbers: