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Custom Landing Page

Last Updated: January 7, 2019 // 12:17 PM

What is a Custom Landing Page?

A dedicated page that can be customized with your company logo and colors (e.g. - "" instead of "") from which existing users can quickly access their account and/or attend a meeting by ID. You don't need a landing page if you have a small number of users in your group (click here for simpler options to add a small batch of users).

  • Click here to visit Global Corp's Landing Page!
  • For additional information on available customization options, click here
  • Want to setup Single Sign-On with your Landing Page? Click here for our guide


Configuring your Landing Page

Set your domain and customize it with your brand's image and colors.

  1. Access your Admin console and select Group Settings.
  2. Click the Custom Landing Page sub-tab.

  1. Toggle Status to Enabled.

  1. If your registered and validated email address domain is already taken, please request a different domain by contacting our Support Team.

  1. If your email domain is available, it will be automatically selected and set as your BlueJeans custom domain.

  1. Update the required settings and upload your company logo.
  2. Configure the look and feel by selecting options such as primary colors, background color, gradient, or image.

  1. Click Save.
  2. Navigate to your custom landing page URL to view your changes.


Configuring Landing Page Approvals

Group Admins can configure their Landing Page to allow new users to sign-up for their own accounts under the Enterprise Group without requiring an admin's involvement.

  1. Access your Admin Console and select Group Settings.
  2. Configure your Landing Page Approvals:
    • Auto-Approve: When a new user signs up for an account from the landing page, if their email domain matches an admin-approved domain then their account will be automatically approved for use.
    • Manual Approval: Alternatively, when a user signs up for a new account from the landing page, the account will be put on hold until an admin manually approves their request. Requests can be approved or denied at Admin → Manage Users → View/Edit Users → Show User Requests


Disabling a Custom Landing Page

  1. Access your Admin console and select Group Settings.
  2. Click the Custom Landing Page sub-tab.

  1. Toggle Status to Disabled.



Q: How many Custom Landing Page domains can my company use concurrently?

A: Only one domain per enterprise.


Q: Are there limitations associated with Custom Landing Pages?

A: A Custom Landing Page domain can be up to 20 characters in length; special characters are not allowed. Custom messages on the landing page are limited to 160 characters.


Q: I'd like to change my company's Custom Landing Page domain. How can I do so?

A: Please contact our Support Team for assistance.


Q: After changing my Custom Landing Page domain, can I redirect end users from the old address to the new address?

A: A redirect can be added; please contact our Support Team for assistance.