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Entering (editing) your Credit Card

Last Updated: March 29, 2018 // 1:58 PM

Note: the Billing Management tab will not be shown if your service contract came from a Blue Jeans reselling partner.

Adding or Editing a Credit Card

Group Admins* have the ability to add or edit the Credit Card information for their Enterprise Group's Method of Payment. To access this information, log into your Admin Account from the website, access the Admin Console, and select Billing Management.

Use the instructions below to Add or Edit Credit Card Information:

  1. Click on Payment Method from the Billing Management menu.
  2. Choose Credit Card as your new Payment Method (only credit cards are accepted - Paypal or other alternatives will not work).
  3. Fill out your Credit Card details and hit Save.

After entering in a new Credit Card, BlueJeans will automatically generate your first invoice. You do not need to login or press any confirmation button to make a payment.


*If you need a Blue Jeans account to log in and post a credit card, ask the Blue Jeans Administrator at your company to set you up with a Blue Jeans account (with Admin access).