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Connecting Room System video devices (Polycom, LifeSize, Cisco/Tandberg, etc.) to a BlueJeans meeting

Last Updated: July 20, 2017 // 12:28 PM

Click here to watch a 40 second video on how to join a BlueJeans meeting from a Room System. Or, follow the instructions below.

Steps to connect H.323 or SIP based Room System into a BlueJeans meeting are listed below. First, enter the BlueJeans Meeting Room from your web browser:

  1. Select "Room System" from the list of other connection options. Dial the IP address - for H.323 or the FQDN - for SIP on your Room System to get the Welcome IVR. (Suggested dialing speed is 1 Mbps or higher for 720p resolution. For "speed dialing" instructions, see *URI Dial String note, below.)
  2. After the connection is made with BlueJeans, an "enter your meeting ID' or use "pairing" code panel will appear.
  3. You have two ways to enter the meeting from here:
    • Enter the Meeting ID and Passcode (if applicable) in the boxes, using your Room System remote, and press # to submit, or,
    • Enter the 5 letter pairing code in the BJN Meeting Room field on your browser, and press Connect (this process must be used if you plan on changing your layouts from the web app). This is the suggested method, as it allows the Moderator to have meeting controls from their laptop.
  4.     BlueJeans then connects your room system to the meeting!

Note: When using Polycom RealPresence Mobile Version 3.1-44477, we suggest using the following URI method:

*URI Dial String Note:

  • In step 1, you can also add the meeting ID and passcode in the URI string, letting you enter the meeting without having to complete steps 2 or 3:
    • From a Polycom, Cisco/Tandberg, LifeSize and Mirial/ClearSea endpoint you can dial directly into a BlueJeans meeting using the following format: <Meeting ID>.<Passcode>@ for example, if the meeting ID is 12345 and the passcode is 1111 the URI string will look like this 12345.1111@
  • Should your meeting not contain a passcode then simply dial <Meeting ID>@ e.g. 12345@
  • URI Dialing using domain: <Meeting ID>
  • Some older endpoints do not support the above dial string format. If you are experiencing issues connecting to BlueJeans using the above format please try one of the following:
    •     <IP>##<MeetingID>#<Passcode> (example:
    •     <IP>##<MeetingID>:<Passcode>
    •     <MeetingID>:<Passcode>@<IP>