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Command Center Quality Alerts

Last Updated: September 6, 2018 // 9:30 AM


Command Center Alerts allows Group Admins or Users with Command Center Pro to set up different types of automated email alerts. Quality Alerts notify designated recipients when specific endpoint conditions are met; see below for criteria.


Conditions that will trigger Quality Alerts:

  • When at least 5 concurrent room systems (H.323, SIP, BlueJeans Rooms) exhibit more than 2% audio and/or video packet loss to or from BlueJeans.
  • When at least 10 concurrent non-room system endpoints (desktop app, mobile app, WebRTC/Browser) exhibit more than 4% audio and/or video packet loss to or from BlueJeans


Investigating Packet Loss

If you receive a Quality Alert, then please see the below for recommended steps to identify the source of packet loss. . .

  • Check bandwidth utilization on the alerted network(s) for potential congestion during the specified timeframe that may suggest potential packet loss
  • Check the network firewall for packet drops
  • Verify with your ISP if there are or were any issues on the route taken to the BlueJeans PoP
  • For endpoints connecting through a centralized proxy, attempt to confirm if the loss is from the link between the endpoint and proxy or the ISP link between the proxy and BlueJeans
  • For room systems experiencing loss, attempt to confirm if the rooms are in similar locations such as the same office or on the same floor.
  • If all of the above appears normal, then please reach out to BlueJeans Support for assistance.