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Chat with participants in your BlueJeans meeting

Last Updated: March 1, 2018 // 3:53 PM

Chat with all participants or just one. Messages can be sent anytime participants are connected to the meeting, including before the moderator has joined.

To start a chat session with all participants:

  1. Click the icon near the top right (refer to screen shot below).
  2. If you wander away from the chat panel, notification Banner will appear when new chat message arrives (you will need to accept notifications from BlueJeans, when presented that option when coming into the meeting).


To Chat privately with one participant, open the Participant roster, mouse over the name and click the Chat Icon. Your Chat menu will open and a new private tab will be created. Use the tabs to switch between multiple Private Chats and/or Group Chat.



  • Anyone attending a meeting can chat: Room systems (must connect using the "pairing" process with the BlueJeans web app), Desktop clients (BlueJeans app and Chrome WebRTC), iOS and Android mobiles.
  • Chat can be disabled at the user level. Click here for instructions.