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Hiding participant names in Command Center

Last Updated: December 21, 2017 // 8:39 AM

For security reasons, an Administrator has the ability to hide certain information from Command Center users. These are:

  • names of participants in Live and Past Meetings (names will be shortened)
  • names of meeting moderators under Live and Past Meetings (moderator column will be missing)
  • the ‘USERS’ tab (this will be absent)

Note that this is a UI-only change. This can be set in the Admin portal as follows:

In Manage Users, the Administrator clicks on the name of the Command Center user, then clicks the Settings & Features tab, then checks the “Hide Participant Names” box (note: in some views, this field will be labeled 'Enable Privacy Settings'):


When the affected user logs into Command Center, a hover on participant names will explain that the administrator has chosen to hide this information. The user should contact their BlueJeans admin to request for this restriction to be removed, by unchecking the ‘Hide Participant Names’ box: