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BlueJeans Development Tools

Last Updated: April 15, 2019 // 4:57 PM

BlueJeans offers developers the flexibility to take advantage of a wide variety of different BlueJeans cloud services to fit their business needs. Regardless of the industry or business case you're looking to create an application for, BlueJeans gives developers the resources to empower their workflows with video conferencing -- enhancing productivity and collaboration among colleagues, as well as increasing customer satisfaction and engagement.

Our most popular video conferencing platforms are now available to developers. Check out our Developer Site to see the different tools available. As long as your enterprise has a particular service, you can take advantage of the various developer tools under its respective banner. If you are interested in adding a new BlueJeans service to your account, please reach out to your Sales Representative. To enable specific developer tools, contact our Support Team.

Available BlueJeans services with developer tools include: 

BlueJeans has also partnered with other programs and platforms to create a seamless integration between the two services that you can take advantage of with the turn of a key: 

BlueJeans also offers Software Development Kits to customize your BlueJeans in-meeting experiences. The documentation is available on our GitHub Page, and a few of the SDKs are listed below: 


BlueJeans Meetings

Whether it's a quick meeting to share the most recent project milestone, or an international conference between different offices, BlueJeans Meetings is becoming the backbone of collaboration for many businesses. Developers have made our platform fit their business' operations by integrating it into their ecosystems. From contact center queues to telepsychiatry practices, we aim to be a perfect fit for your business' demands.

BlueJeans Meetings is supported by a series of REST APIs that handle the common functions and tasks associated with users' day-to-day workflows. Many important actions, like scheduling meetings, inviting participants, and retrieving Command Center Analytics, are available for you to integrate into your application. If you want to take a quick look at our REST APIs, feel free to browse and test in our BlueJeans Meetings API Explorer.

To make things easier, we have also created different SDKs for your preferred languages:

  • C#
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Python


BlueJeans Events

The BlueJeans Events platform allows our customers to deliver production-quality company events. Be it small organizers of team all-hands announcements, or production managers for company-wide town hall events, everyone can take advantage of this platform's simplicity and versatility to deliver their message.

BlueJeans Events is supported by its own series of REST APIs that are an extension of the BlueJeans Meetings APIs. These API endpoints focus primarily on managing events (such as invitations and registrations) as well as post-event information (like recordings and participant lists). This allows you to create your own application that integrates with your processes, or add services for events, such as the Marketo Integration for BlueJeans Events. If you want to take a quick look at our REST APIs, feel free to browse and test in our BlueJeans Events API Explorer or read our documentation.

BlueJeans Rooms

BlueJeans Rooms takes advantage of solutions that you already possess, such as Video Conferencing hardware. To integrate them into your BlueJeans ecosystem, the service allows us to communicate with your devices directly -- like allowing population of internal calendars with upcoming meetings, or joining a video conference with a touch of a tablet screen.

BlueJeans Rooms is also supported by a series of REST APIs that are an extension of the BlueJeans Meetings APIs. These API endpoints focus on using the BlueJeans Relay and Listener Service to communicate with devices of different models and manufacture. The functions of these endpoints revolve around scheduling and call management. If you want to create an application that manages your video conferencing rooms, the BlueJeans Rooms APIs enable you to manage all your devices from one location. Check out our documentation today from the Relay Tab when you log in to your Command Center.