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BlueJeans for Android

Last Updated: March 26, 2019 // 7:34 AM

Blue Jeans offers a free native app for Android-based tablets and smartphones, that is available in Google Play Store. For instructions on how to download, install and use the app, Click Here for our quick training video or follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Blue Jeans for Android page on the Google Play Store, select Install, and launch the App from your device to begin.
  2. After launching the app, to join a meeting:
    • If you have a Blue Jeans account, sign in at the bottom , or
    • Participants without a Blue Jeans account, click the “Join a Meeting or Event bar”
  3. You'll land in the app:
    • Enter the meeting ID (and passcode, if necessary)
    • Enter your name
    • Mark if you want to show your Video, and
    • Click Join Meeting.
  4. After joining the meeting, you'll have the following in-meeting options:
    • Mute your mic or camera, change Video Layouts (3 options), change your camera to front or back, or end call
    • Tilt your mobile to landscape to expand
    • When others share their screen, you'll see the shared content and the participant videos
  5. Click/Swipe top left icon to access Layouts, Screen Sharing and Invitation options.
  6. Click/Swipe icon at top right to view participant roster, or chat with meeting participants


Additional app features:

  • Blue Jeans account owners click Meetings at the top to see your scheduled BJN meetings. Simply click the calendar event to start or join the meeting!
    • Meetings that are synced with your calendar will appear in the app's calendar. Choose the Calendar App or Google Calendar, or Office 365
  • Click top right to access Account Settings, attend a meeting with Audio only, or log out of the app.

Technical Requirements:

  • The data usage for a video meeting is roughly 450MB per hour. We recommend using WiFi as much as possible when connecting using a mobile app to avoid potential data overage charges.
  • Most stock Android 5.x devices will work well, though we have noticed there are some issues with edge devices
  • We do not support custom ROM's for Android.
  • apk files are not available. We only distribute the Blue Jeans binary via the Google Play store
  • We have not added in libraries for MDM/MAM solutions. Please contact our Support Team and let us know what MDM/MAM solutions you would like us to support
  • Devices like Motorola Xoom that do not support Neon optimization is not supported even if they run Android 5.0 & higher.
  • Android version 5.0 and later are supported. We support the most popular Android devices
  • Certain devices (e.g. Samsung Galaxy A5, S5, etc.) do not support the latest Camera2 APIs and will experience a dark video feed. If you encounter this issue, please visit this link to verify that your device's camera supports the Camera2 API.