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Administrator's Training Guide and Video

Last Updated: April 15, 2019 // 4:14 PM

Administrators enabled with "Admin" in their BlueJeans Network account can manage users and information in their group.

View our Admin Guide for instructions on the following topics. Tip: register for one of our training classes, or have a quick question for our Support team? Click Join Live Meeting, and an expert will help you (Available Monday through Friday).

  • Group-wide settings:
    • Landing page configurations
    • Email invitation preferences
    • Recording and Video Sharing preferences
    • Enabling (or disabling) endpoint types for some or all users
  • Managing Users:
    • Viewing and Editing your users (e.g., change Name, password, email address, etc.)
    • Inviting new or existing BJN users to your group, or manually adding a new user
  • Accessing Invoice and Payment information (note: the Billing Management tab will not be shown if your service contract came from a BlueJeans reselling partner)
  • Viewing and downloading Meeting History (showing moderator name, total minutes, number of participants, etc.)

... or, click to watch our Administrator training video